Local Business Marketing can be challenging. Marketing today has become so complex and frustrating for the average small business owner. You are an expert at running your local business but probably miss the days when marketing was simple and affordable. Well now it is!

I have been helping local businesses with their marketing for 40 years. I remember when all we needed to do was run an ad in the newspaper or yellow pages and customers would give us a call. Today customers conduct a search on Google therefore everyone is after those top spots. Then if you can figure out how to beat out your competitors your listing still needs to stand out. It only takes 1 to 3 bad reviews and 67% of customers will not call you. On top of that Google just did another update that only shows 3 business listings on their home page instead of 7. As you know if you are not on page 1 your phone does not ring.

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So what are you going to do? Probably spend a lot of money paying someone to get you one of those top 3 spots who probably will deliver nothing and take your hard earned money with them? To get one or more of those top 3 spots simply requires having your website and Google business page correctly optimized for your target keywords, add links from highly respected sites and add as many REAL 4 or 5 star reviews. Great so how do you do that with a limited budget and limited understanding?

This is why I created The Local Business Marketing & Communication Suite. This system has a simple online dashboard that allows you to instantly create and optimize 60 mini marketing sites adding all your company information, hours, images, videos and special offers with a few clicks. You do not need to know anything. Just fill in the information and push submit. These are high powered sites like Yahoo, Bing, 6 Yellow Page sites, and many more. These sites are where 220 million local shoppers go when conducting research to purchase a LOCAL product or service. Each highly respected site allows you to put links back to your website, Google business page and social sites to build up their rankings in the search engines. This is a white hat strategy that Google actually recommends and rewards you with better Google local listing and website positioning! So high powered linking and mass local exposure when local consumers are searching for your product or service CHECK √

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Google’s main focus is presenting merchants that will best fit the needs of the consumer. Having great reviews will help get you top listing in the search engines and act as a magnet for customers to choose you over your competitors. The Local Business Marketing Suite gives you a simple form on your phone or computer that captures the customer’s name and e-mail. From there the automation takes over sending them a customer service e-mail asking how you did? If they give you a 4 or 5 star review a video actor appears asking them to click the link and post it to whatever review site you choose. If they give you a review that is 3 stars or under another video actor appears and apologies saying someone will be in touch and sends the poor review to you before it is posted to the Internet. This gives you a steady stream of positive reviews and makes you aware when a customer is not happy so you have the chance to make it right. By adding more REAL positive reviews Google will give your website and Google business page higher placement while increasing the likelihood a customer will choose you CHECK √

Built into the suite is an e-mail communication system that allows you to send special offers to your customers whenever you are having a slow day. Perhaps a special to thank all your happy customers or a special offer to win back those customers who had a bad experience. Sending e-mail specials and being able to push special offers to your 60 mini marketing sites to increase business whenever you need it CHECK √

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But I don’t understand how to correctly optimize my website and Google Business page? We have you covered! We will professionally optimize your website and Google Business page for you as part of our service. Without this it would be very hard to achieve your desired results so we do it for you. Correctly optimize your website and Google Business page so Google will index you properly CHECK √

The Local Business Marketing and Communication Suite should cost thousands but I wanted to make it that all local businesses can afford it so for a limited time I am offering it for only $197/mo after a 7 Day Trial for only $1. Everything is month to month cancel at any time. I believe the only reason you should keep using any marketing tool is because it is helping your business grow. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so please start your $1 Trial today. It will be the best investment you have ever done to market your local business. Affordable, Effective Marketing Solution CHECK √

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I will provide you with FREE monthly local business marketing video tutorials! Each tutorial contains 10 to 15 short videos, an e-book and a cheat sheet for easy reference. They are straight to the point training's on subjects such as Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, Google+ Marketing and many more. Each month you will receive a different training for FREE Forever! I find the more you know the better you can appreciate what I am doing for you!

Also I will create a FREE local competitive marketing analysis and provide you with FREE expert consultation so you understand how to dominate your marketplace! Educate you and help you develop a local market domination strategy CHECK √


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