#1 Local Marketing Suite™ Affordably Grows Any Business $197/mo

Dominating one’s local business market can be challenging. Getting ahead of competition and drawing a customer’s eye toward one’s business takes work. With all the options for marketing available to a business, it can be overwhelming to know how to go about utilizing which systems. Instead of giving up, one should employ Edge Local Marketing to simplify their marketing strategies. Edge Local Marketing is available to any business, because it is affordable no matter how small the business is.

The creator of Edge Local Marketing brings over forty years of marketing experience to his customers. He recognizes the transformation that marketing has undergone and knows how to maximize a company’s visibility on Google. He knows that having a top spot on Google does not guarantee business; a company also needs to have good reviews associated with their name or their will not gain the majority of customer’s business.

At Edge Local Marketing, they understand that with the new changes to the way Google exposes businesses on the first search page, they must effectively and correctly optimize your website and Google Local Business page including target keywords, have links from successful websites, and include genuine positive reviews. Doing these things can help bring one’s business to the coveted top three places on Google. After all, visibility is important because customers very seldom look at the second page of a Google search.

When one subscribes to Edge Local Marketing’s Local Business and Communication Suite, they are not expecting the subscriber to understand how all of this marketing works. They have simplified it by creating an online dashboard for their subscribers that includes the ability to create sixty mini local marketing sites that are easy to optimize and includes all the company’s information a customer will need to know. It does not require the subscriber to be a search engine optimization expert; the Local Business and Communication Suite does that for the subscriber. It is as easy as filling out a form and clicking submit. These sites get seen on sites on sites like Yahoo, Bing, six different Yellow Page sites, DexKnows, Yelp, City Search to name a few.

A subscriber’s dashboard allows the subscriber to email their customers, which is important to do when business is slow. The customers who have left good reviews could receive emails with specials, and if a customer has left an unsatisfactory review one can send them specials too in order to earn their business back. Each individual website gives the subscriber high PR links to their website and social sites. This greatly improves the SERP (search engine results page) indexing of their website and Google Business Page. There is no reason for a business owner to not try the Edge Local Marketing’s Local Business and Communication Suite. At just $1 for a trial, and $197 per month, no one can afford not to try it and be amazed by the results!